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Scientific Illustration

Sketching out a career in scienceIllustration program comes to CSUMB

A science illustration program now based at UC Santa Cruz Extension is moving to CSU Monterey Bay in the fall of 2009.One of the most prestigious programs of its kind in the nation, it prepares students who are sought after by scientific institutions and publications around the world.Work by graduates of the program can be found in museums and science centers that include the Smithsonian Institution, New York's American Museum of Natural History and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History; in magazines such as National Geographic, Scientific American and Nature; and institutions such as the National Zoo, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."We're delighted the program is coming to CSU Monterey Bay," said Dr. Chris Hasegawa, dean of extended education, where the program will be based. "It's a good fit for our science and art programs. We can house the program on campus, and we hope to build a connection with the curriculum in the Division of Science and Environmental Policy."Said Alison Galloway, UC Santa Cruz vice provost for academic affairs and university extension programs: "We're gratified that a quality program with the potential for significant global impact has found a good home."The science illustration program's move to CSU Monterey Bay allows it to continue to utilize the natural resources of the Monterey Bay region, which forms a large portion of its curriculum," Dr. Galloway said. "It also provides the additional benefit of integrating with the campus offerings in a way not possible on our campus."The program consists of nine months of classroom and fieldwork, followed by a three-month internship. It accepts 15 students a year - individuals with a strong science background and a passion for visual art. It also serves scientists who wish to acquire the skills to illustrate their research."The program has such a good reputation worldwide that recruiting students isn't a problem," Dr. Hasegawa said. "They recruit themselves."The program director, Ann Caudle, and current staff members Jenny Keller and Amadeo Bachar will continue with the program when it moves to CSUMB.More information about the program is available online at

May 8, 2009