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Following the Otters just got easier

Sports fans now have a variety of tools for following the Otters.

All of these options are available by clicking “Connect With the Otters” from the multimedia link or by searching the specific sites directly. The options include:

• • • Otter Athletics on Facebook • @OtterAthletics on Twitter • Otter Athletics on YouTube • Otter Athletics on Flickr • Otter e-mail updates • Otter SMS “text” updates ? OTTERATHLETICS.COM**** AND OTTER ATHLETICS MOBILE The jumping-off point for all things Otters remains On the go, brings the action to smart phones and tablets. OTTER SMS “TEXT” UPDATES The newest “E” offering from Otter Athletics is the ability to receive up-to-the-minute SMS “text” updates directly to your mobile device. Simply visit the Multimedia page at and select the sport or sports you wish to follow. You'll get in-game updates from all home events as well as many road events and final scores as soon as they become available. OTTER E-MAIL UPDATES Another great way to follow the Otters is by signing up to receive free Otter e-mail updates. Simply sign up at and have all the latest news from your favorite Otter team or teams delivered directly to your e-mailbox. OTTER ATHLETICS ON FACEBOOK Facebook, the ubiquitous social networking site, is a great place to become a part of Otter fandom. Visit the Otters Athletics Fan Page and join the fun. In addition to the Otter Athletics page, many individual Otter teams have pages as well. @OTTERATHLETICS ON TWITTER Following @OtterAthletics will get you behind-the-scenes tidbits and alerts on the latest goings on in Otter Athletics. Check the Multimedia page at where you will also find links to select CSUMB coaches who will provide even more details on the happenings within their programs. OTTER ATHLETICS ON YOUTUBE AND FLICKR See and hear from your favorite Otter student-athletes and coaches throughout the year by tuning in to the Otter Athletics channel on YouTube and Flickr. On YouTube you'll find features, interviews, highlights and previews of upcoming events. Flickr is the repository for sharing Otter Athletics photos.