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CSUMB sees big increase in students from abroad

International students can add diversity to a university, enriching the experience of everyone.

That will be the case at CSU Monterey Bay this year as approximately 150 students from abroad will spend at least a semester on campus.

“Our university prides itself on educating a diverse group of students to be leaders in an increasingly global culture,” President Eduardo Ochoa said in his state of the university address on Aug. 22. “Attracting more international students is not only consistent with that mission, it is fundamental to its success,” he said, referring to the big increase in students from abroad who are studying at CSUMB this year.

The largest contingents come from Germany, Japan and Korea. Other countries represented include Uganda, Switzerland – which sends few students to study in the U.S. – Tunisia, Serbia, Nicaragua and Myanmar.

Some of the students receive financial support from the U.S. State Department’s World Learning program; others get help with expenses from their governments.

Most of the newcomers are study-abroad students from partner universities. Over the last year, CSUMB’s international partners have grown from 10 to 50.

The exchange is not just one way. CSUMB’s Office of International Programs sends about 120 students abroad each year, many to Germany and Japan.

More than 120 students arrived at San Francisco International Airport on Aug. 21, headed for the CSUMB campus. Photo courtesy of Holly White