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'Carry' hits campus

Packages now delivered by self-driving vehicle

CSUMB, meet Carry.

Carry is a small, self-driving delivery vehicle developed by Dispatch that moves in pedestrian spaces. Since early March, Carry has been traveling campus walkways to help deliver packages to various offices.

At about three feet long and tall, and not as wide as a wheelchair, it’s small enough to easily navigate the campus. Carry is electric powered and moves at a maximum of 4.5 miles per hour, but always at a pace that ensures the safety of those surrounding it while still completing deliveries efficiently.

A company representative monitors the unit within 40 feet, and can stop it if needed.

Similar to the way self-driving cars navigate roads, Carry uses its sensors to understand and interact with the environment around it.

South San Francisco-based Dispatch is working to expose Carry to different environments and situations. A college campus like CSUMB allows the company to test the vehicle’s autonomous navigation technology in areas with pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

The project will run at CSUMB through mid-August, and as part of the collaboration, the Dispatch team is working with the CST 499 class and mentoring a student capstone project.

Questions? Feel free to reach out directly to the Dispatch team at

Published March 17, 2016