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Artists reflect on issues of sustainability

Visual artist Peter Hiers and dancer/choreographer Matthew Nelson will be part of a program at CSU Monterey Bay on Dec. 3.

The free event, “Artistic Reflections on Issues of Sustainability and Systems Thinking,” will be held in the Alumni and Visitors Center starting at noon.

Professor Dan Fernandez will introduce the program, followed by a short presentation on the Real Food Challenge by members of the Associated Students Environmental Committee.

Hiers (pictured at left) will talk on “An Artist’s Sculptural Commentary on Human Survival, the Environment and Mythology.” In his work, he uses fragments of blown tires to explore the interconnected web that provides for human survival, and its contradictory appeals and perils. His work is about our increasing dependence on vulnerable networks of transportation, electricity and finance for our food, clothing, shelter, health and safety needs.

He believes that we need a new ideology that provides a sustainable, balanced means for human survival within the natural world that supports us.

Nelson’s presentation is titled, “Dance, Ecology, Somatics and Permaculture.” He has an MFA in modern dance, has taught, danced professionally and has had his choreography produced by several companies.

His research embodies ecology through movement aesthetics. He explores questions about how we interact with our internal and external environments; can we sense these relationships firsthand by moving, or by witnessing movement? What do our movements reveal about our worldviews?

A panel discussion with the artists will start about 1:20 p.m.

While the event is free, a parking permit must be purchased online or from a machine on the lot. Driving directions and a campus map are available here.