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By the time school starts on Aug. 27, approximately 60 international students will have settled in to campus life at CSU Monterey Bay. Some plan to spend a year before returning home; others intend to earn a degree.

And another 20 students are on campus through the National Student Exchange, a kind of domestic exchange program that allows students from other universities to attend classes at CSUMB for a semester or a full year.

The first group of 27 arrived at San Francisco International Airport on Aug 22. Holly White, international programs manager, and several CSUMB students were on hand to meet them.

According to White, many international students come to CSUMB to study business and marine science. Biology and communications are also popular choices. Most come to improve their English and to develop an understanding of American culture.

“Our location is the big draw,” White said. “And our small class size is appealing.”

The exchange works in both directions – 88 CSUMB students are headed abroad this semester and another 20 will join them in the spring.

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Photo: A contingent of CSUMB students and staff members greeted a group of incoming students at San Francisco International Airport on Aug. 22. Left to right: Cesilie Hagan, Norway; Ambroisine Fleck, France; Simon Gustafsson, Sweden; Riley Zmadden, CSUMB student recently returned from studying in Sweden; Abdullah Al-Akram, Bahrain; Nicole Irigoyen, CSUMB student recently returned from studying in Taiwan; John Hwang, Stony Brook (N.Y.) University, a National Student Exchange student; Lastitia Zukgraf, France; Fabrice Ginisty, France.