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2006 TAT Capstone

Posted on Dec 11, 2006

TAT Capstone Festival presents real gems

The World Theater is set to host a stellar crop of student films and original media productions at the Fall Capstone Festival, scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 6 p.m. Admission is free.

The Capstone Festival will feature 14 top-quality productions, including documentary, narrative and experimental works, all produced by students of CSUMB's Teledramatic Arts and Technology Department.

The program begins with Chris Anderson's humorous short film, A.M. Adversary,

Mark Townsend's Veracity, a gripping crime drama exploring the grayscale of morality on the police force, is one of the films that will be shown on Dec. 20.
about the race to stay just one step ahead of the neighbors. It will be followed by Sergio Zendejas' captivating documentary, Un Dia Con Los Muertos, which explores an annual tradition on the island of Janitzio, Mexico.

Also on the program:

  • Joe Lahiff's A Word From Our Sponsor, a mad musical journey into the brain-saturating world of advertising.
  • Brett Owen's Death to Vignettes, a duet of comedic non-sequiters on modern Army recruitment techniques and the hazards of DVD pirating.
  • Tara Evans' Fire in My Heart, a powerful tale of love and transformation within the White Power supremacy movement.
  • Joseph Telliard's Harry, a dark comedic tale of life in a senior retirement center.
  • Mark Townsend's Veracity, a gripping crime drama exploring the grayscale of morality on the police force.
  • Looking for You at the Five-and-Dime, R.Brian Gomez's audio drama exploring the subtlety and nature of personal change in a story that spans a nine-year period of riding Greyhound buses.
  • Regen Wulff's The Unluckiest Bastard, a Firesign Theatre-style audio comedy about the results of a typical night's debauchery.
  • Theresa Moore's Marine Mammal Project, a fun and informative look at the Marine Mammal Center's efforts to preserve the marine wildlife along our shores.
  • Dying to Belong, Melissa Lynch's intimate documentary exploring the dangerous consequences of eating disorders.
  • Juan Figueroa's Lettuce Roots, a moving drama in Spanish and English exploring a high school girl's difficult decision to continue her education.
  • Taking Every Step at a Time, Steve Johnson's portrait of a young man who has dedicated himself to the art of Irish step dancing.
  • Elizabeth Dunn's documentary Nike Hyphy, which offers a look at the subculture of "sneaker freaks."

The World Theater is located on Sixth Avenue, on the campus of CSUMB. Parking is free. For more information, call the Department of Teledramatic Arts and Technology at (831) 582-4396.